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Osho on smoking

I cannot drop the habit of chain-smoking. I have tried hard but I have always failed. Is it a sin to smoke? Don’t make a mountain out of a molehill! Religious people are very skillful in doing that. Now, what are you really doing when you are smoking? Just taking some smoke inside your lungs

The origin of smoking and tobacco according to Buddhism

When, Sakyamuni Buddha, the founder of Buddhism, was living and teaching many were jealous of his name and fame. Among them were six demon kings including Dut Garab Wangchuk, the principle demon. Out of their burning jealousy, they desired to harm and hurt Buddha. So, they looked for ways, but failed to find one.

Ten tips for giving up smoking

1. Set a date to stop and stick to it.  Pick a day that will be relatively stress-free.  No Smoking Day on Wednesday 10th March 2004 is an ideal day to stop as a million other smokers all round the UK will be having a go at the same time.

Quotations on smoking

With more deaths to its name than all the illicit narcotics put together, there can be no doubt that tobacco is the most dangerous drug in the world.The Encyclopedia of Psychoactive Substances.